Stephanie Lin, Realtor

About Stephanie Lin

Stephanie fell into real estate when she purchased her first home after finishing college as a house hack. What started as a means to early homeownership, led to her fierce passion for all things real estate including owning and operating short- & long-term rentals, property management, house flipping, and interior design. 

Real estate investing has allowed her to live the life she's always dreamed of-- working on passion projects while traveling the world. This led to her pursuit of a multi-faceted career, from owning her own businesses to consulting for global firms. Her experiences across multiple industries have allowed her to develop strong business acumen and an unparalleled ability to adapt quickly in any situation. 

 After spending much of the last decade in other parts of the country and abroad, she has returned to Northern Virginia to lay down roots because as she says, “there is no place like home and no passion quite like real estate.” She is now dedicated to helping others achieve their goals in real estate, whether it's buying a first home, investment, or helping to sell and move into your dream home, she is here to walk you through every step of the process! 

 Languages Spoken: Chinese